Tourist Today will be a page/website where you could find tourism related news, traveling tips, etc, from all over the world.

Traveling isn’t just about seeing a place but also knowing the people. Heard of traveling like local? Traveling without going anywhere? Well this  also a place where traveler could communicate or to meet the other travellers, the locals and so forth.

Come on, invite others to join your hiking/camping activity, your drinking or food hunting session, your night out, your party etc. Share your story, your culture, food, drink, friends, family, etc. Lets make life fun and more beautiful, too much crazy things out there nowadays.

Go to Your Local Facebook Group for your each country and your local city/town. Therefore, be friendly, be generous and be lovely. We only live once, lets make the most out of it.

Looking for contributor/writer as well, you could submit maybe your local news related to tourism, you could write something to promote your place, about your trip, useful tips. You could as well share your blog post here, I would help to publish it here direct the readers to you blog/website.

Last but not least, this is a new webpage, therefore there will more improvement in the future.

Thank You,

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