5 reasons to travel alone | The Filipino Times

1. You’ll get to enjoy “me time.” There is nothing more peaceful than reading a book or writing your journal with a cup of tea and nature. Solo travels are meant to detach you from your reality, to recharge your batteries and start anew and discover more who you are.

2. You are the master of your itinerary. You are in absolute control of your time and whatever you want to do. No need for your family, friend or friends’ opinion. You just go wherever your feet take you.

3. You’ll make new friends. The good thing about travelling alone is you are forced to talk to strangers. You get to immerse more of yourself with other people thus creating new relationships and more meaningful experiences.

4. It will boost your confidence. Learning new cultures and languages, meeting new people, expanding your palate, opening your mind to new experiences and exploring new places makes one confident. Exposing yourself in a different environment makes you smarter.

5. Travelling solo makes you a better traveler. You will be addicted to travelling. You can’t just seem to get enough of the world once you get the knack of it. (ALS)

Solo travel is becoming more popular than ever The idea of exploring the world alone may be intimidating to some, but research shows that travelling solo is about to become increasingly popular.
According to a report published by the independent.co.uk, solo travelling is most popular with women, the report also revealed that 58.3 percent are female single travelers. Broken down by holiday, these figures rise for more active trips including walking holidays (64 percent) and African safaris (60 percent)

Source5 reasons to travel alone | The Filipino Times

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